You may know of someone who has had to battle to survive a critical illness such as cancer or heard of someone that may have died young. A family having to deal with this both financially and emotionally it can be overwhelming. Many of us think this will never happen to 'me', but sometimes the unthinkable does happen.


What this plan is designed to do


Just ask yourself a few tough questions:


  • Have you any financial support in place if you had to stop work due to suffering a critical illness?
  • What would happen if you could not return to work?
  • Could you cope if your partner or who you depended on financially were diagnosed with a critical illness?
  • Could your family continue with their lifestyle if you were to be struck down with a critical illness? Who would pay the household bills, mortgage and daily expenses?


How can Critical Illness Cover help?


Critical Illness Protection Plans will provide you with a tax free lump sum and some plans can provided a monthly benefit for an agreed period if you die or are diagnosed with one of the named critical illnesses.


You choose to how you want to spend the money, for example, towards your mortgage/rental payments, monthly expenses, private medical care or helping to maintain your standard of living.

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