Our approach to investment advice is based on an understanding of your needs and how much risk you’re prepared to take. We can introduce you to worldwide investment opportunities from some of the UK’s leading fund managers. So wherever you decide to invest, you can be sure your money will be in professional hands.




With so many investment options available, the hardest part is deciding which ones are right for you. Our simple, four-stage process helps us identify the solution that matches your needs – today and in the future.


Understand your future goals


Everyone’s current situation and future objectives are different, so we’ll start by finding out about your financial circumstances today, and what you want to achieve with your money in the future.


Establish your attitude to risk


One crucial and very personal issue in the world of investment is, quite simply, how each individual feels about the prospect of putting money at risk and the ability to accommodate any loss in value. An investment which seems full of exciting potential to one individual can seem frighteningly unpredictable to another. By means of a specifically designed questionnaire, we will identify where your own feelings and requirements fit in this spectrum.


Design a solution that meets your needs


Taking account of your current position, future plans and attitude to risk, we will research an investment solution which we think is appropriate for you. Before we proceed, we’ll discuss it in detail so that you understand and feel comfortable with it.


Make sure you stay on track over the years ahead


Heading in the right direction from the outset is important – but staying on track matters just as much. Things will change in your life, and also in the financial world, which are almost certain to lead to a need for change in your investments. If you wish them to, your adviser will talk to you to understand any changes in your requirements and any recommended investment changes to achieve them in the years ahead.

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