We will give you Professional Protection Advice designed to help protect you and your family against the impact of death.


Life Protection policies can be used to pay off your outstanding mortgage debt or to help protect your family’s lifestyle and everyday living expenses.


There are also policies called Family Income Benefit insurance that pays out a regular income instead of a lump sum.


You can also use life insurance for Inheritance Tax Planning in order to pass on more to your loved ones.


Using life insurance to cover a mortgage


If you want to use life insurance to make sure your mortgage is paid off when you die we will give you advice that suits your affordability.


For mortgages and other debts, you will normally need one of these:


  • Level term insurance – Pays a fixed sum if you die during the term. If you have an interest-only mortgage i.e. total debt never reduces, a level term policy can give you the cover you need.
  • Decreasing term insurance – The sum assured falls each year. This is suitable if you have a repayment mortgage as the amount of cover you need falls as you pay off your mortgage.

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