Our professionally qualified Financial Advisers will explain how the different types of pensions work and what you should be thinking about to make sure you are saving enough for your retirement


Your Future


Everyone needs money for their retirement to provide a decent standard of living. You may also need to support a partner or other people in your family.


People are living longer therefore your pension will need to last longer. This means you will need to plan and invest more.


A personal pension is one way you might choose to save for your retirement.


You can receive tax relief on pension payments you make into a personal pension or stakeholder pension. Tax relief is given on personal contributions and employer contributions and are a deductable expense.



Your Options


You may choose whether you want to make regular payments or lump sum contributions.


You can usually draw benefits from pension funds from age 55 onwards even if you do not retire. You can draw all or part of your fund or simply take your tax free cash, maybe to pay off a mortgage. Taking tax free cash for purposes other than for your retirement should be considered carefully.


How We Can Help?


If you are concerned about your existing pension arrangements we can complete a review including current schemes and those of former employers.


We can help you understand how changes in the State pension could affect you. We will advise you on how to make the best provision for your retirement through joining an employer pension scheme and personal schemes (including Self Invested Personal Pension Schemes). We will also discuss the benefits of regular lump sum investments.


We can help you chose the best investment funds to suit your risk profile and provide the most appropriate plan and fund for your circumstances.

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